ACA Reporting Form Explanations Available for 2017

By October 25, 2017Blog

When employees, former employees and retirees receive a copy of one of the 1095 forms at the end of January 2018, they will generate many questions and concerns.  This is because these forms are very complex and hard to understand. Anyone receiving these forms will be asking:

  •  Why I am receiving this form or forms?
  •  Do I have to attach this form or forms to my form 1040?
  •  What do these codes mean on Form 1095-C?

Will you be ready to address all of these questions?  If  health coverage offered is insured and you are an “applicable large employer,” employees will be receiving both  a Form 1095-B from the insurer and a Form 1095-C from the employer.  Many employees will be confused.

What Explanations Are Available?

To assist in this situation, here are explanations for both Form 1095-B and Form 1095-C for 2017.  There are separate explanations for insured and self-funded health coverages. There are four explanations in total.

These explanations have been designed to be both easy to read and understand.   They will explain what the forms are, why individuals are receiving them and what various codes mean on Form 1095-C.

For a copy of each explanation, please click on each link below:

Form 1095-B-Explanation-Insured

Form 1095-B-Explanation-Self-Funded

Form 1095-C-Explanation-Insured

Form 1095-C-Explanation-Self-Funded

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