2013 Payroll Tax Adjustment Has Hurt Restaurant Sales YTD

By October 25, 2013Blog

The payroll tax adjustment that went into play January 1, 2013, has impacted restaurant sales year-to-date.

According to Restaurant Finance Monitor author, Jonathan Maze, “Workers were hit with a bit of a shocker when they received their first paychecks this year: a 2-percent reduction in their pay, thanks to the return of the payroll tax to its normal levels. Anybody could have predicted the result on restaurant sales: BAD. Traffic and sales fell badly in January and February. Read more of the article here

Recent activity to temporarily raise the debt ceiling isn’t causing restaurateurs much hope for a Q4 rally. In a recent interview with Business Insider, global strategist Kit Juckes commented, “The risk in the U.S. is that when a ‘deal’ gets done to raise the debt ceiling, it is a temporary debt ceiling increase that doesn’t resolve the underlying issues. If that happens, any hope of Q4 risk rally taking hold will be out of the window.”

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